Self Image


If you’re wondering why making permanent, long-lasting change in any area of your life seems ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE – then this may be the most important message you will EVER read. You can’t make a single decision to change and then expect that change to LAST. Because DECISIONS don’t control which changes last in the long term. When we make decisions, we have to think. And when we think, we use LOGIC and REASON, the conscious mind.  

How many times each day do you logically think through EVERY decision you make? I’m sure the answer is hardly EVER. That’s because most of the decisions we make everyday are automatic and controlled by one thing.             YOUR HABITS!

Habits control the things you do on a daily basis automatically WITHOUT HAVING TO THINK! Every day we wake up, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, shower, drive to work, drive back, cook dinner, and go to sleep on complete autopilot with almost no conscious effort. It’s actually quite amazing when you stop to think about it.
But wouldn’t it be amazing if every day you could THINK and ACT in a way that brings you the outcomes you want automatically? Well, it’s possible. But only if you work WITH the part of your brain that controls your habits. The problem is that there are a lot of misconceptions about what it REALLY takes to change your habits. Some people will tell you that changing your habits is as simple as changing your thoughts. Other people will tell you that all you need to do is change how you feel. And many people will tell you that all you need to do is change your actions. But we all know how hard that can be sometimes. The fact is changing your habits can only be done by working with a deeper force. A force that governs your daily thoughts, feelings, and actions on a day to day basis.

It’s Called Your “Self Image”

Your self image is simply how you see yourself. It’s a mental blueprint that determines: How you feel about yourself on a daily basis AND under specific situations or circumstances

  • Who you think you are and your “role” in society
  • The kind and quality of results and outcomes you expect (and receive) in life
  • How you see yourself behaving and reacting in certain situations
  • Where your “comfort zone” is (For example: the things you WOULD and WOULDN’T do)

Remember the first rule of the mind:   

                 “That which is expected tends to be realised.”                  

Self image is one of the most powerful parts of our personality, yet we pay so little attention to it.
We rarely ever look at our self image as important.
Your self image regulates everything you think, everything you feel, and everything you do… everyday AUTOMATICALLY! And I’ll even prove it to you. Have you ever tried to set a goal that’s larger than what you’re currently used to, then quietly backed down, returned to your comfort zone, and fell back into your old habits without realizing it? That’s because your self image was REGULATING the amount of success you can achieve. You backed down because deep down inside, it didn’t feel like something “you” would do. Now let me give you another example. If I asked you to go into a room full of strangers and go up to every single one of them and introduce yourself with a smile on your face, would you do it?   The reality is, unless you “thought of yourself” as a naturally outgoing and likeable person, you probably wouldn’t do it. The thought of it might even make “you” nervous.  

You might say something like, “Oh, that’s not who I am.” or “I’m not that kind of person.”   

But is THAT really who “you” are? 

 The only reason you might reply is because that’s who you THINK you are. BUT, If you thought of yourself as Mr. or Mrs. Outgoing, you would probably JUMP at the opportunity to meet all those new people, agreed? Ok, good. Because I want to make this very clear…

It Is A Proven Fact that it is very difficult to change Your Self-Image.

At first glance, it sounds almost ridiculous, but it’s completely true. Everything in your life stays consistent with how you view yourself at a deeper level. In other words, the mental movies you play in your head of how people treat you, the way you act, the things you think about, even the clothes you choose to wear, are ALL determined by the picture you have of yourself in your head.
Which means, if you want to make a SERIOUS change in your life, and be the person you’ve always wanted to be, you DON’T only make it by repeating vague affirmations, or setting vague goals?

You succeed by SEEING YOURSELF as the kind of person who would accomplish all of your lifelong goals and dreams BEFORE you try to achieve them, as if they are reality NOW!           (Ask me about the “Rules of the mind!”)  You will ALWAYS find that people who have achieved incredible feats of success don’t give credit to their intelligence, skills, or talents… but more so, their positive self image.

              “Self-image sets the boundaries of individual  accomplishment”
Dr. Maxwell Maltz
(Author who sold 35 million copies of his book, Psycho cybernetics)

It’s Obvious. The Self Image ALWAYS Wins!

You just don’t get to the top without believing in yourself FIRST. However, the harsh reality is that you will continue to struggle to “break free” and create the life you want if you leave your self image the way it is. This is because your self image was created on an unconscious level, most likely without you even realizing it. And many of the self defeating beliefs and habits that were ingrained in us since childhood STILL REMAIN there to this day and hold us back. Just think about the environment you grew up in.
How did that environment shape who you think you are today? Did it fill you up to the brim with love, optimism, positivity, health, vitality and well being? Chances are it didn’t.

But That Doesn’t Matter! Because you have a CHOICE about how you live your life.

You can be rich or poor, healthy, overweight, excited or depressed, outgoing or shy, smart or stupid. It’s all up to YOU. You CAN make positive changes in your life no matter what people told you when you were growing up.  Because when you truly change your self image on this level, your habits change, your thoughts change, and ultimately … your LIFE changes.                          It’s clear that changing your self image can produce extraordinary results.

But is this change something you can do? Will it be easy to learn? The answer is YES! Anyone with the desire to learn can use this to experience the wonderful, fulfilling life they have always wanted. As a master hypnotist I’ve been helping people make changes in their lives for the last 30 years in private practices and in groups. I’ve seen many people make vast changes in their lives. But the problem is, they didn’t always last in the long term. 

They would resort back to their old habits and behaviours, because their self image, or concept of “who they are” wasn’t in alignment with the changes they were trying to make.

Firstly, I’m going to show you how to design a new self image from the ground up. One that not only meets all of your needs and expectations – but exceeds them. Secondly, I’m going to help you permanently install your new self image into your mind. It will become a permanent part of you that naturally and automatically brings you the outcomes you want in life. This is more than just positive thinking, feeling good, losing weight or getting your dream job. This is about becoming the person who is in COMPLETE control of their physical and mental focus and can direct it to become the way they want to be.  A person who’s future lies in THEIR hands. That’s what change is all about on a real, permanent level. You can see that this new way of reinventing the way you see yourself can have a tremendous impact on the things you achieve in life.                            Your self image has been holding you back AND now you have the chance to change it.           Don’t worry if this “self image” stuff sounds complicated. It’s not!
If you’re willing to allow yourself a session of Hypnosis and use the follow up C.D., then you will see positive changes in your life. Plus, this process will get easier and more natural the more you do it. The more you practice, the more you’ll see a future where YOU are in control.                   The fact is, once you see yourself as a success, a person who thinks, feels, and acts in alignment with the outcomes YOU want, your life will naturally begin to change for the better.

That’s really what sessions of Hypnotherapy can give you – a healthy, empowering new “you” that will allow you the freedom and confidence to achieve any goal or dream you decide to pursue with enthusiasm.

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