Driving Test Nerves

I remember it well, many years ago, passing my test first time at the tender age of 17. So much to think about and stay calm, realising some time later that it all comes naturally from the knowledge stored in the subconscious mind.

Many people find that anxiety, nerves and lack of confidence on the day, can cause failure, although they know they are perfectly competent drivers. Remember that when you take your test, you are a learner, and not expected to drive quite the same as an experienced  motorist, just safe, focused  and in control. Hypnotherapy can help build confidence and allow you to drive at your competent best on the day with inner calm and awareness. Remember, the day you pass is the first day you really begin to learn to drive properly. Be safe out there and enjoy the freedom which driving gives you and endeavour to take further tests like I.A.M. or RoSPA as you progress with your skills. Ask me for more details if required.  Relax with hypnosis and give it your best.