Lose Weight

Your body is the baggage you must carry through life – The more excess baggage, the shorter the trip!

If you are overweight you are, or have been, eating more food than you are burning off. Fat comes from food and the way to diet is to educate yourself to eat less and change your old eating habits, cutting out the foods that you know are bad for you. This process is greatly enhanced if combined with a slightly increased exercise programme. There is no magic in this.

Many people stray from diets because they feel tense, lonely or frustrated with their lives, so they eat to compensate. The main cause of being over weight is comfort eating.

This is the pattern that was introduced to you as a baby when the mouth became an area of comfort (oral gratification) by food, a dummy or, if all else failed, thumb sucking! This pattern must be tackled at a subconscious level or you will be just one of a number of people who lose it and then “Put it all back on again”. Recognise that pattern?

Diets alone are not the answer, when you go on a diet you appear to be in a state of deprivation. The imagination takes over and you start to think of all the foods which you are not allowed to eat…They seem even more desirable because they are “banned”, and the most “comforting” foods are usually the most fattening.

Hypnosis strengthens the will power using the imagination to act for you – to do the things you really want to do – eat sensibly, get slim, be more energetic and deal with the “comfort pattern” once and for all.

The first stage at the Consultancy is to be weighed, work out a target weight, discuss your “problem” foods and “problem” times, and talk about emotional influences. Your aims are fully discussed. You are then given hypnosis to enable you to achieve your objective and follow on sessions are available to you if required until you reach your target weight. Each session begins with a period of counselling. Supportive audio is available for use if required.