Stop Smoking

Many people could have lived 10 or 20 years longer if they had not smoked, as every cigarette smoked reduces a normal life span by 5½ minutes. Among 1,000 young men who smoke, about 6 will be killed on the roads but about 250 will be killed before their time by tobacco. The risk of dying from heart disease is more than doubled by smoking – smokers also being up to 10 times more likely to contract cancer of the mouth or throat and twenty-five times more likely to develop lung cancer than their non smoking friends.

Women who smoke during pregnancy greatly increase the risk of miscarriage or still birth and of affecting their unborn child physically and mentally. Ask your Doctor.

Ninety-five per cent of people who suffer from bronchitis are smokers – substances in tobacco cause inflammation of the bronchioles in the lungs – they become congested – secrete mucus and thus prevent the entry and exit of air.

One drop of nicotine (about 70 milligrams), if injected, can kill an average man within minutes. People who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day have twice as much time off work through illness as non smokers, the carbon monoxide which is in high concentration in cigarette smoke seriously impairs the blood’s ability to transport oxygen.

Now do you really want to give up smoking? If so hypnosis can help. And let me assure you that when you do stop, you will start to live longer, have a better quality of life, your heart and lungs will work more efficiently, you will have more stamina for work and play, you will get fewer colds, you will smell better AND have more money! Convinced?

But, one really important question! Who wants you to give up? I can only help you if the answer is ME! It has to be YOUR decision and desire.

Smoking 40 a day at this year’s  prices will cost you about £3,600 – £36,000 over the next 10 years (without interest and price increases). Why not have a new car, a holiday or a new wardrobe of clothes instead? Why burn money?

And why not:
Have a better quality of life and live longer
Have more money to spend on what you really want
Feel cleaner and fresher
Be in control
Deal with stress in a more effective manner

Then think of the minimal cost of stopping smoking using HYPNOSIS. Would you take POISON? Don’t be silly! Then WHY SMOKE?

The Times newspaper in May 2007 quoted a 95% success rate for hypnotherapy in helping people to give up smoking, a result which I can confirm, and an extensive research project published in the Journal of Applied Psychology (and reported in the New Scientist by Robert Mathews) concluded that,   Quote: “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking”

On your first visit we will discuss your smoking habit and its history – your reasons for wanting to stop smoking – you will reduce the number of cigarettes that you are smoking in preparation for stopping on your second session.  On your second visit you WILL become a NON-SMOKER.
A supportive audio tape is available for use if required.