About Hypnosis

SO you found my Web Site – acknowledged the need for change – and are contemplating the use of Hypnosis. So what is it all about?

Firstly let me make it clear what it is NOT. Hypnosis is NOT sleep, unconsciousness, magic, surrender of your will, weakness, influence or control by someone else.

It is a self-induced state of heightened suggestibility and relaxation, often gained by the help of another in which the deeper parts of the subconscious programming can be reached, and consciousness become more selective. It is a pleasant state of awareness which can be achieved to some degree by 95% of the public you can be assured.

The main requirements are motivation, co-operation and a peaceful environment free from distractions. Belief and expectation are also great boosters to the effectiveness of change.

It is very important that doubts and fears are dispelled although it is, of course, natural that you may feel inhibited at first about this “different” use of your mind.

Once the state of hypnosis is induced, therapeutic suggestions may be given and old habit patterns analysed and changed. The state of hypnosis has helped many people to change for the better – why not YOU?

Just realise that your own desire to improve is one of the most valuable resources that you have in changing your situation. Be willing to take the commitment to help yourself.

Always remember that Hypnotherapy DOES NOT replace medical treatment but is intended to supplement it, to work hand in hand. I am very fortunate on the Isle of Wight in that I have gained the trust and confidence of many of our Doctors who recommend clients to me on a personal one to one basis for therapy.

I think it is generally accepted that positive, optimistic people have a higher resistance to disease – they are, for example, far less likely to suffer from the common cold.

Rule one of the mind is – “that which is expected tends to be realised” and I hope that, with the use of hypnosis, I can encourage YOU to live your life more fully, healthily – positively.

Some people fear hypnosis because they believe that they are under someone’s control or asleep – this is just not true. Your mind is yours and you control it. What you can learn to do however is to reprogram some of the subconscious conditioning from early childhood which has given you a negative outlook or even fear or phobia in a given direction.

There are techniques to establish degrees of relaxation or trance state – all of which are states of awareness. The beta brainwaves are lessened and the alpha waves of calmness developed, all in a natural way, using each individual’s own resource states. This leads to a heightened suggestibility which can be used for many and varied excellent results based on the individual’s aims.

A trance state occurs naturally when you day dream and suggestion is one of the powerful influences in everything in our everyday lives – this suggestion is amplified whilst in the trance state. When you are half asleep in front of the television and the adverts bombard you, they are tremendously more effective because of your “switched off” state. Suggestibility does not mean being weak willed, it is a means to be open to change.

The hypnotised person will not do anything against their will or own personal ethics. Remember the stage subject chooses to participate knowing that they may act foolishly – and they have been pre selected for their suggestibility – easily determined by a few simple tests. As volunteers they know the game, they want their few moments of fame.

HYPNOSIS can often help, naturally, to reach the subconscious motivation underlying symptoms and provide relief through self-understanding, raised consciousness and awareness of our own creative intelligence. Hypnosis is very similiar to Meditation and can be used in many differing ways to achieve desired goals.

Also some aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP), are incorporated, neuro being our perceptions of the outside world received through our senses, linguistic our stored memories which are coded, organised, recalled, transformed and transmitted primarily by voice and programming the sum total of our knowledge and experience made up of a series of programmes in the subconscious mind, or human computer.

You may have read the book, “The Secret” , which has received a great deal of publicity lately. Den’s work has ALWAYS contained “the secret” to obtaining that which you desire using the natural energy of your self and the Universe combined in harmony!

If you have an emotional problem, addiction or phobia there is always a reason why, and when these problems are resolved a richer and more fulfilling life is open to you. So much of our experience is from the microcosm of our earlier family life, we have to learn to enlarge our frame of reference to the outer world and put past experiences into perspective. Human beings are equipped inherently with vast intelligence and a great capacity to enjoy life. Life should be ZESTFUL – loving and consisting of co-operative relationships with others – naturally. How are you functioning?

That there is a power of the mind over the body cannot be denied. There is a natural Healing Energy within the Universe that encourages the integration of body, mind and spirit – learn to use it.

We use only a minute fraction of the capacity of our minds – allow the expansion of your capabilities – tackle that limitation – live more fully and be YOURSELF.