Uses of Hypnosis

The following is a list of some of the problems which have been successfully treated with Hypnosis:-

Smoking Weight Control Lack of Confidence Hypertension Impotency
Insomnia Alcoholism Allergies Pre Menstrial Tension Claustrophobia
Exam Nerves Panic Attacks Fear of Swimming Eating Disorders Migraine
Compulsive Habits Asthma Stammering Depression Lack of Concentration
Poor memory Agoraphobia Shyness Amnesia Psoriasis
Tics Indigestion Bed Wetting Grief Post natal Depression
Guilt feelings Tension Anorexia Nervosa Ulcers Glue Sniffing
Inferiority Complex Driving test Nerves Sport Performance Fear of Flying Eczema
Fears Morning Sickness Nail Biting Blushing Warts
Studying General Anxiety Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Bruxism – Teeth Grinding Trichotillomania – Hair Pulling
Addictions Sexual Issues Emetophobia – Fear of Sickness Erectile Dysfunction Pain Management
Panic Attacks Public Speaking Stress I.B.S