Wedding Day Nerves

So, the big day is fast approaching and nerves begin to jangle, that’s not nerves it’s excitement, remember that for starters. This is to be a day to remember, one of the most important in your lives, a day to be enjoyed. Hypnotherapy can help you to RELAX and feel confident that you, and all your family and friends, will thoroughly enjoy every moment. If you are concerned about being the centre of attention, that is not unusual, but also not necessary. Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to control those unwanted feelings in a relaxed and calming way. Walking down the aisle or approaching the Registrar, should be a memorable time and a time which you savour together, one of joy and well being. Able to confidently and clearly state your vows to each other as you commit to a lifetime of happiness. If the Father of the bride needs a little confidence boost for his speech, I can help. It’s not too long ago that I had the delight and pleasure of giving my daughter’s hand in marriage, spent ages preparing the speech! Look great and make sure you feel great….. a little Hypnosis goes a long way.