Teach Yourself  SELF HYPNOSIS

(As taught by Den Clare at Isle of Wight College-evening classes)

Hypnosis is a greatly misunderstood art and there is much confusion caused by media presentation. During this course you will learn how to use self-hypnosis to gain greater self-awareness and to relax whenever necessary, clearing the stresses and strains of normal living, regaining control.

Learn About:

  • Your Mind
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Structuring Suggestion
  • Alpha Rhythm
  • Rules of the Mind
  • Origin of Phobias
  • Four States of Mind
  • Positive Suggestion
  • Using Colour
  • Reaching the Subconscious
  • Changing YOUR life

By the end of this course you will have learned to enter the state of Alpha rhythm at will, to construct positive affirmations and to have at your disposal a powerful method of fighting tension and negativity. You should be able to access this ability whenever and wherever you wish.

Den Clare teaches Stress Reduction and Relaxation Techniques to groups and individuals, as well as conducting his Hypnotherapy Practice established in 1980. His qualifications and experience are detailed in his FREE Booklet on Hypnotherapy, available upon request.

Course Syllabus

PART 1:  The four states of Mind. What is Hypnosis?  What is Mind? Fractional relaxation. Inductions. Recognising the signs.

PART 2:  Rules of the Mind.  Nature of Hypnosis.  6 part plan for achieving self-hypnosis.  Meditation

PART 3:  Positive suggestion.  Negative programming.  Rules for structuring successful suggestion.  Affirmations

PART 4:  How to reach and arouse your subconscious mind.  Arm levitation-deepening techniques.  Anaesthesia

PART 5:  “Acknowledge: Appreciate: Absorb”  exercise. General exercises and practise

PART 6:  Examples of uses.  Colour affirmations.  Use of a keyword. “Be yourself”

Request your FREE course pack or Order your course NOW. Each part is sent separately upon completion of the previous section and after queries are e-mailed and answered.

Course prices are as follows:

There are 6 parts and each cost £65 (Normally £75) for an hour, payable in advance, individually.


Complete course current price £390 if paid in full in advance, £325. This is to include all printed information leaflets for each part and hypnotic inductions where appropriate, conducted personally by me. Questions may be raised at any time during or after a session.

After each session a one on one Skype, or personal call, will be available, if required.


Here are a few extracts from appraisal forms completed after Self Hypnosis courses:

“I was able to take away some very positive thoughts to work with and expand my intention to improve my life experience”

“Excellent, More confident – Sleep pattern improved – annoying habit of picking stopped, Thanks”

“Very good – very sensitively presented”

“I found the course extremely beneficial and useful. It will enhance my meditation practise. You certainly knew what you were talking about!”

“Warm and friendly”, “You handled the various needs very professionally”

“Inspiring, friendly and very approachable”, “I would of liked a longer course”

“An extremely excellent and interesting subject presented with clarity and forethought. Well researched and thought out. You hold everyone’s interest totally”

Please email me: denclare3@gmail.com for details