Skype sessions

Initial consultation request, and a personal assessment form to complete and return to me, are attached. Please email them when you are ready to arrange your initial consultation.


Welcome. The requirements for Skype sessions are a good internet connection and a computer with a web cam and microphone, perhaps even an i pad or tablet, or even your mobile phone. Skype therapy sessions can be shared almost anywhere. No travelling, no stress, no worrying about driving conditions, no being late for appointments! Life is becoming easier, as is learning to cope.


I offer long distance Skype sessions, the cost of each Skype session is £75, payable 48 hours prior to the session by Pay Pal or BACS, there is no extra charge for the call. and will last about an hour. In the rare event of a connection drop out I would recall you, and you will simply reconnect and return to the same comfortable, relaxed state that you were in. Also being in your home environment can help you to feel more secure and safe and you don’t have to leave home if suffering from agoraphobia, panic attacks, extreme anxiety, mobility or any other issues. Or even working from your office, if the situation allows.


The most important thing is to have a relatively quiet and comfortable place, free of pets, children and people, with no interruptions for an hour or so. A comfortable chair with head rest or a recliner – you are never too far away with Den at Wight-nosis.


The process starting with Skype is exactly the same as visiting my home office except that we have to complete the initial paper work on line prior to the first session. A personal assessment form is attached for completion,  which will give us both a basis upon which to develop our working relationship and to discover the issues on which you desire to investigate and control. Also allowing me to gather all the necessary information, to form a way forward in helping you to attain your goals and, of course, an opportunity to ask me any questions which you have in mind. Rapport and being comfortable with your therapist, are essential components of a productive outcome as is this commitment on your part to make the confidential sessions successful.


Each ongoing session will involve coaching and hypnotherapy. The agreement to work together in no way guarantees nor suggests a “cure”, but a means to adjust or delete any old subconscious patterns from the past and bring about emphatic change for the improvement of lifestyle and release of negativity. Always seek the advice of your physician or health provider with any questions you have regarding medical disorders.


You must acknowledge and accept responsibility for all outcomes. You will be taking control of your mind and thinking by the use of Hypnotherapy and/or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), the differences will be explained. The cost of each following session is £75, payable as normally 48 hours prior to the session. If payment is not received the session will be cancelled.


Notice of cancellation by the client must be given 48 hours prior to the arranged session to avoid a charge. Confidentiality is assured unless there is a suggestion of danger or physical harm to you or another.


If you are not sure about Skype hypnosis by all means call me for a short chat on 01983 866999 or  email me on to allay any fears or doubts, or ask me any questions, particularly as this may be a new experience for you. My web site may be a good chance to answer queries about my training and experience as I begin my fortieth year in practice. Therapy is available for children from the age of 6 upwards with the signed permission of adults. I am fully DBS registered and Insured.


Some of the common uses of hypnosis are detailed on my website, here are a few: Losing weight, gaining confidence, stopping smoking, combating fears and phobias, helping depression, passing a driving test, stopping nail biting, concentrating, overcoming shyness, dealing with panic attacks, recovering lost memories, stopping agoraphobia, relaxing, overcoming fear of flying… just a few of the problems which have been successfully treated with HYPNOSIS and its inherited offspring, Skypenosis.


Any omissions are the client’s liability, who acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for all outcomes. The client will consult their Doctor before sessions wherever applicable and consent to their submitted data bring collected and stored confidentially for a short while.


How to ensure you get the best from your Skypenosis session:


Have a positive attitude and expect to achieve, allow me to help to make it happen
Make sure you will not be interrupted or disturbed, it’s your special time
Turn off any equipment which could disturb you
Have a light snack but no alcohol or strong coffee prior to your session
Visit the toilet, be warm and comfortable
Be in a supportive chair or recliner with headrest
Have comfortable headphones if available
Keep pets under control, preferably in another room
Be courteous and honest during our sessions
Please note that all sessions are completely professional. Any inappropriate talk will result in the session being cancelled, without refund.


Your health and well being are my only concern …. Den


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