Excel At Sport

Hypnosis can help concentration, confidence, accuracy and to relieve the pressure on high power competition. It is a wonderful way to focus your energy when required. It has been used extremely successfully for many sports including weight training, golf, karate, running, boxing, snooker, football, rugby, tennis and squash, to name a few.

American golfer Tiger Woods has acknowledged that he uses self-hypnosis to calm his mind and improve his focus before every game he plays. He’s been quoted (Golf Magazine) as saying, “I always have inner peace on the golf course. I’ve learned to trust the subconscious and my instincts have never lied to me.”

The following letter was received from the World Champion Trampolinist in her age group, after a championship in Lubbock in Texas U.S.A. when she returned with a gold medal.

Dear Den,

 I am writing to thank your for your help and confidence that you gave me during a difficult time in my career.  Without the hypnosis I am sure I would not have coped so well with the pressures of winning the World age group Championships.  I find hypnosis very relaxing and a good boost before major competitions.  Thanks again.

Letter received from the South Midlands Ladies Weight Lifting Champion.

Dear Den,

Well! All I can say is thanks very much, I got a GOLD number one!! Now being the South Midlands Champion. During the competition I was a completely different person. Far better controlled, confident and – well one hundred, even two hundred percent better. I was told I had the best technique out of all the girls there. You would have been proud to have seen your work at work. I did what you said, I went for it and got it. Thanks very much.