Fear of Flying

Where so many people fly regularly the fear of flying is now a more commonly noticed fear or phobia. Whilst fear can be a naturally protective experience, once the feelings control you, that is a phobia. A phobia is a conditioned response which takes a stronger hold each time it is repeated or expected. It is a response which can be “relearned” and eliminated with Hypnotherapy. It may be the result of a bad experience, which may or may not be recalled. The imagination can over ride logic and rationality and embed the fear into the sub conscious mind. Logic is a conscious mind function and the fear is at a subconscious level which can be reached with Hypnotherapy, when the conscious mind, and its critical factor, can be set to one side.

Many people take tranquillisers or use alcohol to try and conquer the fear, but this is attacking the symptom, not removing the irrational fear itself. At a more severe level they are perhaps prevented from flying at all, missing all the joy and pleasure of holidays or the opportunities for work abroad.

The fear may be felt whenever contemplating flight, or prior to actually booking the dates, or even starting as the airport is reached, or prior to boarding. Sometimes it is the take off or landing which stimulates the response. The symptoms may be sweating, shaking, stomach problems, heart racing, all of which are very debilitating and may prevent travel. This very restriction in one’s life can have tremendous repercussions and control, negatively, plans and freedom.

Rationally, of course, we may be only too well aware of the fact that air travel is the safest means of public transport, far safer than travelling on the motor way for example. See my “tips for flying” hand outs. So, let me help you to deal with the restrictive phobia and get flying.

The world is your oyster, take control NOW!