Positive thinking

Positive Thinking

This is a tool for change that has been misunderstood and misused over the years. The question is, what is it really, and how to get it to work for you. Part of the problem people have is that it sounds too simple to possibly be true. Well it is simple but it is more than just requiring a re think of all previous attitudes.

Positive thinking is “not” being in a bad situation and trying to convince yourself that it is really ok. Positive thinking is “not” feeling all cut up about something on the inside and trying to present a positive attitude to others. Positive thinking is “not” being in a really tough situation and thinking that there is nothing that you can do about it.

Real positive thinking is taking a positive attitude to whatever situation, event or relationship that you experience. Real positive thinking is knowing that no matter what circumstance you are faced with – good or bad, there is always a way to improve and enhance it. No matter how desperate a situation seems to be, positive thinking always provides something to do to heal it, or make it better. Most of us manage to be positive about some things and not others. If your thinking is 50% positive then your life will be 50% positive. If your thinking is 100% positive, your life will be 100% positive.

So, how do we tell if we are being positive? If your thinking is coming from a place of fear, jealousy, greed, helplessness, a desire to control, a perception of lack, or any negative feelings, then it isn’t positive. Anger when it is coming from a place of fear also isn’t positive. When anger comes up and inspires positive action then it is positive and that energy can be utilised.  We are being positive when we think about any situation in a constructive way and act accordingly.

Next, we ask ourselves, how do we change our thinking if we discover that we are not being positive? How do we turn our changed thinking into action that creates change in the real world? Thinking in modern society has become very negative and critical, focused on beating down the other person to get ahead. This kind of thinking has become a very ingrained behaviour, a habit that takes time and effort to change, like any deeply engrained pattern. When we are looking for some way, in any situation, where we can be effective in even the slightest way, we are being positive. When we turn our thinking to seeing ourselves doing things successfully and it doesn’t matter what, even if it doesn’t seem connected to the situation we want to heal or improve, we are being positive. As we uncover limiting and obstructive thoughts we change them into expanding and constructive ones. This is being positive.

These changes we make are effective when they flow through our mental images, our feelings, and hence our behaviour. They are also effective when they flow through a specific issue being tackled. We need to persist in doing this until the new thinking replaces the old thinking and becomes habit within the subconscious mind, until we don’t need to place as much conscious attention on maintaining them. Thinking alone doesn’t change anything. If we don’t decide to act on the new thoughts and follow through on that decision, nothing has changed.

One way to practice this day-to-day is to acknowledge everything that you do that is successful, and I mean every little thing. I successfully woke up this morning. I successfully walked from the bedroom to the bathroom and successfully had a shower and got dressed. I successfully drove my son to school and got him there on time. I got home ok without running off the road. Then I successfully made some breakfast and drank my coffee without burning myself or spilling anything, even if I had spilled something I would have successfully cleaned it up.

Many, many people go through life doing a huge number of successful things and still see themselves as a total failure. Working through this process, one of many options, helps us to see how really successful we are every day. At first people can get discouraged because they discover how really negative they have been but this is good, don’t get discouraged. As we begin to shift our focus and develop the habit of feeling and acting successfully it expands into every area of our lives and our lives become increasingly fun, prosperous and positive.

Whenever we begin on a programme of change like this, the old habits always tend to try to resist. We will find ourselves thinking and acting the old way. Just change your thought, feeling and action, right in the middle if that’s where you become aware. Don’t be cross with yourself. Being cross will reinforce the old pattern (this takes practice too). Just gradually make the changes and reinforce the new positive habits. Rehearse the new patterns and actions in your imagination until they begin to form habits and you find yourself acting that way for real. Visualisation is a very powerful tool.

This process is simple but it is definitely not easy. It takes time and focus, determination and effort. We can all achieve a state where our thinking is 100% positive and our lives are 100% positive. It’s a journey, and one well worth the effort. As we begin, reality gradually and magically begins to change. Books, people and situations appear to support us on the journey. We just have to start and keep moving. Synchronicity will kick in, coincidences, and we will move on towards whatever goal we set ourselves, confidently and powerfully.

 Trust in the Universe and take control of your energy and power!