Firstly  let me make it clear that any supplementary healing is NOT intended to replace medical treatment but to enhance it, to be complementary NOT alternative.

There are many forms of healing available to us today and basically all healing is a way of activating, directing and applying natural energy for good health, balance and well-being.  Healing can take place on a mental, physical and emotional level and assists re-balance on those levels. Your subconscious then takes over and completes the natural healing process.
By combining hypnosis and relaxation techniques together with healing energy, we may be able to find the underlying cause of fears, traumas, aches and pains, unresolved or blocked feelings, repressed memories, pent-up anger or grief.
Unresolved emotions can be the driving force behind most illnesses both emotional and physical.  Sometimes however, it can appropriate to use Healing alone if there is a physical condition but no apparent problems.  I work in a gentle but down to earth manner, dealing with issues in a comforting and totally confidential way.
Self Hypnosis can be a powerful adjunct to this process.