Love begins inside, and only when you reach self-knowledge and self-love, can you truly share it with others. As the Bible says,” Love thy neighbour, AS thyself” – think about it!

Now to some, the concept of self-love is easy, but to most of us, it’s pretty hard, we are embarrassed or ashamed by self-love and self-respect.
Make the commitment to yourself now, so that when the time comes for you to share your commitment of love with someone else, you will find it an enhancing experience for you both.
Allow yourself to discover what it means to really love one’s self and to let go of old programmes that you have been carrying around with you that are no longer serving your soul or your life. From the stripping away of ego’s illusions of fear, self criticism, and jealousy all the way through to releasing all that is unloving within your being.
From a very young age, we’ve learned that the most effective way to change one’s behaviour is to criticize, blame, judge, humiliate, threaten, or punish oneself.  It’s not surprising that, at a very young age, we begin to use this behaviour control system on ourselves whenever we don’t live up to our own expectations. You can stop this negative pattern, learn to love and respect yourself, honour your decisions, take time for yourself, follow your passions, and set boundaries to accept your individual importance.
You are such a beautiful and unique soul and you are here with such a big purpose. The only way that you can carry out such an important mission is to be healthy, relaxed, and energized. Always remember that you are important and you deserve love and attention too.
Make sure to take care of you.
This will help you to achieve a wonderful sense of your uniqueness.