Make yourself a promise to smile as much as possible in your life so that love keeps flowing around you. Now allow the sheer beauty of this feeling to fill your spirit with joy and peace and harmony, to allow yourself to commune with the delicate perfection of nature and be aware of the sense of oneness with all of creation.  As a part of this greater life you will continue to grow and unfold the potential within you, naturally… perfectly.

You carry this sense of well-being with you at all times and can return to this resource state at any time to experience the wonderful flow of energy and get back in touch with this abundant feeling of peace and harmony.
Know that a perfect intelligence within you knows how to repair and make whole every part of your body.  The intelligence, which knew how to create a perfect body in the first place, still knows how to do it.  Create a new concept, a new mental picture of yourself.  See yourself as vital, healthy, alive, active and well.
Excellent health is yours right now.  You feel it pulsing through you with every in- drawn breath.  Every organ, every tissue, every function of your body is charged with radiant health, vitality and power. You know that life is now operating through the creative mind within you, rebuilding every tissue that needs it.  Every thought of yours that denies perfect health is eliminated right now.
Play this, relax, and it will become a part of your very being!