Here are some interesting mind teasers that will help you to understand some

of the remarkable abilities of the subconscious mind:

Read the following paragraph and see how the mind seems to figure things out…

Yuor sucbsoncuois mnid is so fmialair wtih the wrdos taht you raed taht it can roceiznge the wdros eevn if tehy are not sellepd coretcloy. As lnog as it has the

bsacis scuh as the frist ltteer and the lsat lteter of the wrdos are there you can frugie out the rset on your own sicne wehn you raed you do not look at ervey ltteer.


When you read you do not read every single letter. Your mind has the ability to skim over the words and make an assessment of what it must be. This is usually done in speed reading.






Do you see a young woman or an old woman?

A negative hallucination – In order to see one of the woman, you must let go of the image of the other.