Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy C.B.H.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy – C.B.H.  What is it?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T.) has been around for many moons and with the addition of Hypnotherapy, becomes C.B.H. an even more effective methology.

The history of each application is readily available, so I will stay with the every day, current discussion of their uses. Considering the efficacy of the combination, we can consider their effectiveness.… Read the rest “Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy C.B.H.”

Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Cease Nail Biting

Den Clare

What do they all have in common?

Let me enlighten you. Think of the little new born baby, being cuddled, starting to feed, feeling happy. Contentment, warm and cosy and after a while, satisfied! So, what’s going on here.

The mind is divided into two parts, the conscious every day communicating mind and the subconscious, that amazing computer which stores everything that we experience as we grow.… Read the rest “Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Cease Nail Biting”

Fear of Spiders: Arachnophobia

Fear of SPIDERS   Arachnophobia

Even the word strikes fear into  many of population, as this is one of the most common of the many hundreds of listed fears. Big ones, black ones, hairy ones, even a photo can cause panic if you are that way affected! Imagine the scenario, you are going into the bathroom to clean the gleaming white bath, and there it is, seemingly monstrous, this cute little fellow who is far more terrified of you, than you are of it.… Read the rest “Fear of Spiders: Arachnophobia”

Can I guarantee success or a cure with Hypnotherapy?

So much of the past has great influence and this is where conditions can be helped by reprogramming the subconscious habit or recording from years previously.

So, if you are looking for “guarantees” that’s fine when buying a fridge or other commodity, but the best I can do is give 100% of my learned knowledge and experience to enable one to achieve that which they wish to achieve.… Read the rest “Can I guarantee success or a cure with Hypnotherapy?”

My Blog – Reflections

I am beginning a series of light, general blogs mainly regarding Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Please feel free to comment or ask questions after each offering.

O.K. What’s the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

There is no simple definition for  the state of hypnosis but it is a scientifically measurable state of Alpha rhythm in which the conscious mind is relaxed and the ability to accept or reject suggestion also relaxed.… Read the rest “My Blog – Reflections”

Stage Hypnosis – Is it real?

Stage hypnosis – is it real?

The lights are dimmed-music, great anticipation as the hypnotist explains what will happen and, before they ask for a volunteer, they perform certain “tests” for suggestibility. Before any stage show and even more, prior to a television coverage, the audience are tested for their ability to be hypnotised. The usual test is to ask the audience to close their eyes, interlink their fingers and imagine the hands are becoming locked, locked, locked together.… Read the rest “Stage Hypnosis – Is it real?”

Fear of Flying

Where so many people fly regularly the fear of flying is now a more commonly noticed fear or phobia. Whilst fear can be a naturally protective experience, once the feelings control you, that is a phobia. A phobia is a conditioned response which takes a stronger hold each time it is repeated or experienced. It is a response which can be “relearned” and eliminated with hypnotherapy.… Read the rest “Fear of Flying”