Preparing for your Hypnotherapy session

Preparing for Hypnotherapy: What to Do Before Your First Session

Preparing for your first hypnotherapy session can be a vital step in ensuring its effectiveness. This blog post will provide practical advice and tips to help you get ready, creating a positive mindset and environment for your hypnotherapy journey.

  1. Research and Understand Hypnotherapy

Before your session, spend some time learning about hypnotherapy.… Read the rest “Preparing for your Hypnotherapy session”

Mid-Year Check-In: Revisit and Revitalise Your Forgotten Resolutions NOW!


As we reach the halfway point of the year, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the resolutions we set with such enthusiasm in January and see how they look now. Life can get busy, and it’s easy to lose sight of our goals. This blog post will guide you through a mid-year check-in to help you revisit, reassess, and revitalise your forgotten resolutions and give you food for thought to start again.… Read the rest “Mid-Year Check-In: Revisit and Revitalise Your Forgotten Resolutions NOW!”

An introduction to hypnotherapy with Den Clare

Den Clare

The public has many confusing and misleading perceptions of hypnotherapy, and I have worked, for the last 42 years on the Island, to help correct some of these. Hypnosis is not sleep; you can’t be controlled in it and you are not surrendering your will! It is a self-induced state of heightened suggestibility and relaxation, often gained with the help of another.… Read the rest “An introduction to hypnotherapy with Den Clare”

One of the worst smokers ever!

James sounded a reluctant stopper as he ‘phoned to enquire as to the process for stopping smoking. 69 years old, he was smoking a scary 100 cigarettes a day and had been told by his Doctor to stop in preparation for an operation in two months time.

As always, I need the assurance that the client really wants to stop and is not being “nagged” by the other half, or family!… Read the rest “One of the worst smokers ever!”

Huge weight loss success

She could hardly fit in my chair! After filling in the intake form I need not have asked her the reason for her visit, twenty and half stone spoke for itself! Lank hair, pallid skin, depressive attitude and stance, classic hiding behind rolls and rolls of excess, life threatening FAT!

I explain how hypnosis works, take full details and case history of her reasons for wanting to lose weight and make sure the relaxing, reclining chair can take the weight.… Read the rest “Huge weight loss success”

Forgotten Safe Combination at Jewellers

The call came mid afternoon when a very panicky voice asked for help! She was the manageress of a jewellery store in the South of England and had taken charge of a new store that day. Her first action was to change the combination of the safe. She selected the new numbers and at some time in the afternoon closed the safe door and twirled the combination lock.… Read the rest “Forgotten Safe Combination at Jewellers”

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step

In the ancient wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, there lies a profound truth that resonates across time: “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” This timeless saying captures the essence of personal growth and transformation, encapsulating the idea that every significant undertaking, no matter how daunting, begins with a simple, yet courageous, initial action.… Read the rest “A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”