One of the worst smokers ever!

James sounded a reluctant stopper as he ‘phoned to enquire as to the process for stopping smoking. 69 years old, he was smoking a scary 100 cigarettes a day and had been told by his Doctor to stop in preparation for an operation in two months time.

As always, I need the assurance that the client really wants to stop and is not being “nagged” by the other half, or family! This was given enthusiastically but with great reservation as to his ability to succeed. James had smoked for forty odd years and acknowledged that mostly it was habitual and many were not smoked but left to burn during ‘phone calls or other occupations.

A full case history was taken with the most important section his own reasons for stopping, in detail. These are “fed back” to the client during the session with great emphasis on the negative effects! I explained all about the comfort pattern from baby hood and oral gratification, being the main drive, not necessarily nicotine addiction!

The first session is always a cutting down one, the second, a week later, allowing me to assess progress and change any techniques if necessary. After the first session he said that he was relaxed but didn’t really feel any different. All the signs of hypnosis had been noted by me.

James returned a week later, amazed that as he got into his car the previous week he was disgusted by the smell in his vehicle. Upon arriving home he had to clean the house from top to bottom with the help of his enthusiastic lady, and wash all his clothes to get rid of the smell of smoke. He never touched a cigarette after the first session and has confirmed, two years later, that he has never smoked since and has benefitted from all the health giving results of being …a non smoker! Living longer, having a better quality of life, feeling cleaner and fresher, having more energy etc. etc. etc.

A very pleasurable result for me as well!! ?