In most countries around the world, women deliver children naturally, without any anaesthetics or drugs which can be damaging to the new-born child.  Childbirth is a natural process and women who tend to cultivate healthy and active lifestyles may find the entire process to be quite spontaneous and effortless. Fear contributes to pain, because when you are afraid you tense your muscles, you block the flow of energy and you experience pain. If you relax and breathe, you let the energy move freely.

For the mother, a natural birth increases the probability of a healthier postnatal period and an easier recovery due to fewer post-operative discomforts. This is because a woman who has given birth with minimal intervention is less likely to have to recover from major abdominal surgery or instrumental delivery.
For the infant, a natural birth reduces the exposure to drugs that assist labour. A natural birth also reduces the likelihood of needing to separate the infant from its mother after birth. This is important, as immediate skin-to-skin maternal contact and breastfeeding in the first hours after birth increases the likelihood of successful breastfeeding for a longer duration.
This was made in conjunction with Mary Cronk M.B.E. an independent Midwife for many years on the Isle of Wight.