Hypno sport

I have over the years dealt with many sports competitors wishing to improve their performance, as do many of the leading players in football, golf, badminton, and weight lifting to mention a few.

For years coaches concentrated only on the physical side of sport and neglected the crucial role played by the individual psyche during a sporting contest.

The main restriction we have on our abilities is ourselves and when you think that prior to Roger Bannister cracking the “four minute mile” it was believed to be impossible. Within a very short time after he achieved that feat several others did so, the veil was lifted, it could be done!

I was visited by the South Midlands Ladies Weight Lifting Champion prior to her competing and was very pleased to receive her letter after the event’s success saying how the hypnosis enabled to her to cope with the pressure and win! She felt a completely different person and said I would have been proud of my contribution to her change of attitude and positivity!

Golf is a most frustrating sport and I have had several very high profile golfing figures that came to me because of that mental block which seemed to take over. Of course, as we know, the sub conscious computer has to be well programmed to ensure success. No negativity, no doubts, thinking only of success… that which is expected tends to be realised.

We have come a long way since the work of Franz Anton Mesmer who coined the word “Mesmerism”, and it is no surprise now that most leading sports organisations use Hypnosis in the form of sports psychology. I can testify for many that have been to my Consultancy and I am sure that my own mental attitude allows me still to exercise at some level! at the age of 80 and with many more years of working out, with or without Zimmer, ahead of me!