Not eating for three months

The dear 83 year old with her 90 year old husband, both seemed extremely apprehensive with regard to Hypnotherapy.

I had sent them my introductory booklet on Hypnotherapy which helps to allay some of the fears and doubts, mostly through lack of understanding and knowledge.

So, husband settled with my receptionist enjoying his cup of coffee whilst I begin with Mavis. As always I gave her a further basic explanation of the workings of the mind and its levels, enough for her to relax and understand the basics. She responded well to the induction, tailored to her framework of experience. She had not eaten solids for several months, surviving on soup and straw fed liquids, having lost a stone or so in weight.

I regressed her to the cause of the problem and she realised that, having forgotten consciously, she nearly choked on a small chicken bone some months before and a week or so after that suddenly developed this fear of eating without realising why. It began as a hesitation and developed into a full phobic reaction, choking upon even the lightest morsel!

As I took her back through the experience and made her realise and remember the cause of the eating problem, she returned to full awareness, smiling happily and drifted back into the arms of her “young one” in my lounge. Chuckling as they left I wondered as to the outcome of the session.

Next morning an extremely grateful client ‘phoned to say that the pair of them had been straight out that evening and enjoyed fish and chips and that all was back to normal. This was reaffirmed months later when I saw them locally, happy as could be!