Hi, how are you today?

How many times are you asked that during the week? How many times do you honestly reply?

Do you ever ask yourself? And then do you really listen?

Basic questions, but if we are to really discover how we feel we must be aware of the mental and physical responses of our bodies and minds. One of the most powerful attributes that we possess is the ability to alter our perception of things. Many people cope calmly and peacefully with happenings during the day that would drive others mad. If we are approached with sad news, say the death of someone close, we feel distraught, low, lifeless and lethargic. If, instead, we are informed of a million pound win, what then, whoopee, sing, dance, and be energised!!

Has anything actually happened, no just our response which has a physical effect on our being? So, what if we could manufacture that positive response? Do you know, we can? The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between fact and fiction once the suggestion is made without too much conscious in put!  Visualisation, imagination, programming the subconscious-all has a powerful result. How good are YOU at raising your outlook, using desire, belief and expectation?

How do you cope with trauma, bad news, failure? How does music help? See my basic views on happiness.

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Warm wishes, Den Clare