Stage Hypnosis – Is it real?

Stage hypnosis – is it real?

The lights are dimmed-music, great anticipation as the hypnotist explains what will happen and, before they ask for a volunteer, they perform certain “tests” for suggestibility. Before any stage show and even more, prior to a television coverage, the audience are tested for their ability to be hypnotised. The usual test is to ask the audience to close their eyes, interlink their fingers and imagine the hands are becoming locked, locked, locked together. A certain percentage, normally about 10%, will exclaim that their hands are in fact locked, and from that number, a few are selected. Further instructions will be given and some people possibly rejected. Also, dare I say it, there are usually a couple of “plants” within the crowd who are selected to take part, obviously previously conditioned. With  T.V. shows the process would take far longer to ensure perfect “subjects”, and this behind closed doors, prior to the show. As the first person slips into hypnosis, the group energy is such to energise the rest of the group into following suit. This group energy is again very important to the compliance of the group. Belief and expectation aroused, the ideal setting for trance.

It needs to be stated that nobody would ever do anything against their moral principles, but how many of us would like to be the centre of attraction, the main event, stars for the night! A bit like the one who has a few beers and suddenly gets up to perform at Karaoke, much to the amusement of the watching crowd, and sometimes to their own surprise. Those that don’t feel that way, object to going on stage! Upon being placed in hypnosis, several times, this compounding process strengthens the power of suggestion to make it more effective. All negative suggestions must be removed at the end of the show, and hopefully replaced with feelings of well being and general happiness.                                                

What is additional in “therapy” is the desire to achieve a certain and specific objective and to reinforce those programmes. Also to enhance the self esteem of the client.