My Blog – Reflections

I am beginning a series of light, general blogs mainly regarding Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Please feel free to comment or ask questions after each offering.

O.K. What’s the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

There is no simple definition for  the state of hypnosis but it is a scientifically measurable state of Alpha rhythm in which the conscious mind is relaxed and the ability to accept or reject suggestion also relaxed. It is a perfectly natural state which everyone is in several times during the day and just before drifting into sleep. Drift off watching T.V., or reading a book. Drive from A to B and hardly remember doing so. Be engrossed in a film, actually being there. Day dreaming. All perfect examples of hypnosis. The conscious mind relaxing and the subconscious becoming receptive to change and open to suggestions which must be acceptable at some level by the person. Supposedly fun on the stage, not really appreciated by therapists!

Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis to enable one to achieve certain required acknowledged aims. Identifying false beliefs with an intention to change and replace them with positive, behavioural improvements. much early conditioning going back to childhood or early adulthood. It is achieved with the therapist using an induction technique, talking the client into a deeper state of relaxation and, similar to meditation, with practise, allowing the person to use self-hypnosis thereafter to achieve their desires. It can be complimentary to medical health care when applicable, never an alternative. Very useful for stress control, relaxation, overcoming phobias, managing pain, and a whole variety of other conditions. There is usually an early part of the consultation to ascertain the intended goals for self improvement in the many areas of their lives. Much early conditioning goes back to childhood and early school experience in those first twelve years or so of development. These are powerful times for forming positive self-esteem, or otherwise!