Wedding day anxieties

Such joyous occasions for all concerned, filled with love, laughter and the formation of happy memories. Such a shame that anxiety can take hold and cause distress. Concerns about personal weight and appearance, worrying about speeches, overall planning, each of these may cast a shadow over the great day. Preparation, practice and mutual support can lead to greater confidence.

It is essential to recognise that experiencing wedding anxiety is entirely normal. Weddings are significant life events, and it’s natural to feel a mix of emotions, including excitement and nervousness. Both the bride and groom should embrace these feelings, acknowledging that they are stepping into a new chapter of life. Sharing these thoughts and feelings with each other can provide mutual support and strengthen the bond as the big day nears.

Hypnotherapy is a technique that uses guided relaxation and focused attention to change the negativities in the subconscious mind and reprogramme your internal “computer”.  It can help with specific problems such as:

Weight and body image concerns where many brides become more self conscious prior to the big day. They can be helped to have a higher self esteem, to accept and love themselves as they are but with the power to make changes which they may desire.

Many grooms have anxiety about delivering a heart-felt speech in front of friends and family. The need to be calm and self assured can be helped with hypnosis to build their self assurance. The best man equally, may worry about their ability to deliver a speech that conveys their friendship in a way that is both touching and entertaining. Hypnotherapy and, of course, preparation, may assist in both these circumstances. Relaxation exercises help to calm the mind and body and to alleviate pre speech jitters. Visualisation of a perfect delivery is another technique to assist.

Negative beliefs from younger days can be significant barriers to coincidence. These can be replaced with affirming and empowering thoughts and give a more positive self image.

By working with a qualified Hypnotherapist these concerns may be conquered and a beautiful day enjoyed as the beginning of a life time together, and your wedding day, become everything you have dreamed of and more!