Can I guarantee success or a cure with Hypnotherapy?

So much of the past has great influence and this is where conditions can be helped by reprogramming the subconscious habit or recording from years previously.

So, if you are looking for “guarantees” that’s fine when buying a fridge or other commodity, but the best I can do is give 100% of my learned knowledge and experience to enable one to achieve that which they wish to achieve. We are not allowed to offer “cures” but I can honestly say that in my 40 years of practice as a Hypnotherapist I have seen so many truly amazing results that I know if the mind is open to positive possibilities that often the only limit that people put upon themselves, is from themselves. imagination is the quickest way through to the autonomic nervous system and often the immune system. Just open your mind with desire, belief and expectation and begin to work towards controlling negativity with the natural power of your mind, about which we really understand but little of its capabilities.

It is far more than just positive thinking, it is positive programming of old outdated messages in that most wonderful computer, our subconscious mind. I know that my sessions combined with MP3 recordings used at home, have helped thousands of people to achieve positive outcomes, and I believe that listening to the appropriate recordings, after a session,  can improve the chances of attaining similar results. By tapping into this natural state of mind we can retune and refine unwanted patterns that were controlling us and live a healthier and happier life which we all seek.   Don’t ever let anything I say be a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and never disregard medical advice, or delay in seeking it, because of anything you have read on my, or any other, self-help literature.                                                 Your health and well being are my only concern.

I would be very interested to hear of any of your experiences with genuine hypnotherapy, and to answer any questions which you may have, on                                              01983 866999.