Will I put on weight if I stop smoking?

That’s  good question, as they say! What’s a bad question after all? Let’s look briefly, at first, at the reasons for people wanting to stop. The first one is usually their health as smoking is now acknowledged as the number one killer overall. Damage to the heart, lungs and general circulation along with the disruption to the immune system. Need more? The smell of smoke on breath, hair (if they have any) and clothes, add to the unsociability of the habit . Habit it is, but why do so many people find such great difficulty in ridding themselves of this evil.

O.K. addiction to nicotine plays a part but what is the underlying, powerful influence that is even greater. Let’s go back to baby hood. When a baby is fed, the mouth becomes of major importance for pleasure and registers in the sub conscious mind as a programme of behaviour. Oral gratification. The subconscious is merely a computer, the storage facility for all experiences, things, heard, seen, suggestions given. The non thinking storage device, incredibly complex whilst still being a computer. So the baby sucks, perhaps being cuddled, then progresses to soft food, milk, deepening the pleasure it gets from the life giving process. Food is all. The subconscious computer records the pleasure experienced and stores this as a programme in the depth of its being. Food is often given as a “reward”, visit your favourite aunt and what are you offered, tea and biscuits or a bun! Been a good child, have a packet of sweets!. I am sure you have heard it, or said it.

Whenever any programme is repeated it is strengthened and so the connection between the mouth and pleasure is reinforced. Particularly when the smoker says, “I need a cigarette to relax!”. Nicotine is a stimulant but the instruction they give is a positive one, even if not true. Nobody “needs” a cigarette unless they are tired of living! Think of the stressed person about to answer the phone, what do they reach for?

If we all could suck dummies no one would be overweight or needing to smoke.          But it might look a bit strange walking down the High street sucking a dummy! The reason why so many smokers, or people getting to their target weight, start again or regain their weight is that they haven’t dealt with the subliminal record in the deep part of mind. That is where Hypnotherapy is probably the best answer, reprogramming the deeper mind with your reasons carefully installed. Dealing with the underlying message and gaining full control.         Thus, no reason to increase your weight when you stop smoking, and appreciate all the benefits of clean, healthier living and a better quality of life and the pride and pleasure of being a non smoker.